Your projects become personal in a family owned business…
Lee Danley, EDD, MS, BS
McGhee Crane Services; Executive Director

Anyone in the construction industry who has been operating in the city of Memphis, TN or the Mid-South region of America has likely heard of McGhee Crane Services (MCS). What they may not have heard is how this unique crane business has surged in the last several years. There are many factors that have led to this phenomenon, beginning with customer service and reliability. The ownership of MCS has always operated business from a mindset bent toward customer satisfaction. In other words, when you decide to hire us and become part of the MCS customer base, you will probably call us back the next time you need a crane.

Becoming an MCS customer means you will be served in a way most are not accustomed to in today’s society. MCS philosophy is based on serving others in the best way we can, and providing them with solutions to their problems. According to Morgan (2018), we’re seeing research revealing companies that invest in customer experience boast a higher stock price. In fact according to a portfolio of publicly traded companies that invest in customer experience, they had higher stock price growth and higher total returns than others (pg. 1). When MCS was founded in 1958 and began helping Memphis locals install air conditioners on demand, it was all about service. To this day, our customers are given every consideration as they are the reason we continue to grow as a company, and we value that fact.

According to McQuerrery (2019), good service starts with your attitude and employee training. After all, good service works from the top down, and employees who are specifically trained in the art of quality customer service are far more likely to represent your company in the way that ensures satisfaction and repeat business (pg. 2). This type of customer service is rare in an industry filled with large corporate entities, contracting and sub-contracting, and concerns for liability. Every stakeholder in a construction project knows that the specialized crane industry is one that requires as much brain as it does brawn. MCS, with a workforce as tough and rugged as any other, has managed to maintain a level of customer service and satisfaction like no other, despite the environment. MCS seems to make everything easier, and their customer service is incredible considering this highly competitive era where business can be rife with impersonal relations.

The operations side of MCS reveals even more mystery into the contrasting nature of how the softer side of their business works in tandem with the harder side. Over the past sixty (60) years, MCS has maintained high standards of operation thanks to an active and ongoing culture of learning. To remain competitive, we are always working to stay current with all of the industry demands. “Staying current will prepare your business for changing consumer demands and expectations. Keeping up with these trends will increase your relevancy and customer appeal, which will set you apart from the competition” (Segal, 2019). This is not easy or inexpensive, and demands ongoing training, continual investment, and upgrading of equipment. Managing to do this while maintaining an original philosophy of service first and a concern for customer satisfaction is difficult, but MCS has found a way. When you treat customers the way you would want to be treated, then the bottom line will take care of itself, it is golden in nature. This philosophy continues to pay dividends, not just for MCS, but for their entire customer base, and the Memphis community at large. #servicefirst #caringaboutcustomers


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